Art Club: Max Sketches, Poses, and Redesigns!

Contrary to what the lack of activity on this page might suggest, big things have been brewing for our next adventure!

First up, Max, and a few other characters, are getting some tweaked designs!

2018-02Feb Max Tesla Turnaround (2 points col test)
Still working on new boots and a new glove…with a mysteeeerious function…
2018-01Jan-17 Getting all Fleischer
In general, the changes won’t be huge, I’m just making shapes a touch more geometric and adding some more old school cartoon influence.
2018-02Feb-03 Max Pose Concepts
You’ll never guess what Max’s new glove does!

In addition to lots of new design stuff, I’m also working getting the first story Have I got a Story for you, ready to print!

And the cover’s coming along nicely, just needs some style updates!

The plan is to have this ready for Anime Evolution: Akimatsuri on March 17th, and then a brand new update ready for later this month!

Stay tuned, folks, and thanks for your patience!


Art Club: Max Tesla Sketches and Concepts!

I’ve done lots and lots of sketches of Max Tesla.  He’s such a goofy, hyperactive kid, so it’s a fun warmup to draw his antics.

Believe or not, his hat is actually pretty functional-it picks up radio signals as well as protect his 11-year-old noggin.