Art Club: Ghost Train!

Hey folks!

Thank you so much for your patience! I’m currently staggering inking this upcoming update with job hunting and designing locations and props for our next Ohmworld story, Spanish Train Magic!

The next update will be done in probably a couple of weeks, meantime, enjoy this spooky ghost train!



PS: You can get more secret sketches and design work over at my Patreon!

New Motivational Stickers coming soon!

2018-06June-11 Motivational Sticker-Max Tesla FINAL2018-06June-16 Motivational Sticker-Lori Redtail FINAL2018-06-June-25 Motivational Sticker-Abby Lovelace FINAL2018-06June-25 Motivational Sticker-Ezra Karman FINAL

Hey, folks!
I’m working hard on summer festivals and other upcoming major family events (happy, but busy affairs), and so I won’t be able to finish the update this month-it’ll be coming out probably by mid July.

However!  I’ve just completed this set of motivational, transparent stickers!  I’m planning to create a physical goods shop for these, and other art that I’ve been working on-stay tuned,and thank you so much for your patience!


Art Club: The Dustwitch!

Hey everyone! The next story is going to start next week, and we’ll learn more about Ohmworld through Max and Lori then!

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce this nutty lady…

We’ll actually meet the Dustwitch a few stories from now.

In the meantime, our second story, “Beware the Barrel Head!”, starts next week.

More about that this weekend!

Thanks so much!


Art Club: Lori Redtail’s New Design!

The countdown to the next story is still on and our next design is the new one for Lori Redtail!

Consider supporting my Patreon to see top secret designs coming in the future!


PS. Here’s her dragon form, too!