Art Club: Max Tesla Sketches and Concepts!

I’ve done lots and lots of sketches of Max Tesla.  He’s such a goofy, hyperactive kid, so it’s a fun warmup to draw his antics. Believe or not, his hat is actually pretty functional-it picks up radio signals as well as protect his 11-year-old noggin.


Oh blessed Janus, Chaos’ orderly name, Give bounds and beginning to this work of fame, Mercurius, lend me your blessed ear, ‘Coz I gotta give credit to the Muses dear; Calliope said to me, in a dream, “Girl, I have seen a future that’s so obscene, But the golden Apollo has today sent me, To see if you can write a more hopeful history.” So I carry my mission, folks, my duty’s no doubt, I got reason to believe our future ain’t runnin’ out; And so in words and in pictures, in a style eclectic, Let me present to you the tale, of a KID ELECTRIC! …Welcome to Ohmworld, friends.