New Motivational Stickers coming soon!

2018-06June-11 Motivational Sticker-Max Tesla FINAL2018-06June-16 Motivational Sticker-Lori Redtail FINAL2018-06-June-25 Motivational Sticker-Abby Lovelace FINAL2018-06June-25 Motivational Sticker-Ezra Karman FINAL

Hey, folks!
I’m working hard on summer festivals and other upcoming major family events (happy, but busy affairs), and so I won’t be able to finish the update this month-it’ll be coming out probably by mid July.

However!  I’ve just completed this set of motivational, transparent stickers!  I’m planning to create a physical goods shop for these, and other art that I’ve been working on-stay tuned,and thank you so much for your patience!


Ohmworld #1 Now in 8th Dimension Comics (Edit: And Now Lucky’s Comics!)

It’s a first! I’m so glad I earned a place on their shelf. 😊

The 8th dimension is a great place to get locally made comics in Vancouver.

And it’s got lots of work from VanCAF!

EDIT: As of June 5th, it’s also at Lucky’s Comics in Vancouver!