Ohmworld has now been Printed!

I’m proud to say, that Ohmworld #1 finally exists as a full, printed edition!

[wpvideo uGbBXDgq ]

I’ll be releasing it in .pdf form on my Patreon and opening a new online shop for physical copies of it next month!

I should have the new update next month as well. My apologies for the delay but I’m actually finishing my final portfolio for graduation from animation school and on top of that I need to print more issues of this comic.

Thank you so much, and see you peeps again very soon!


Art Club: Max Sketches, Poses, and Redesigns!

Contrary to what the lack of activity on this page might suggest, big things have been brewing for our next adventure!

First up, Max, and a few other characters, are getting some tweaked designs!

2018-02Feb Max Tesla Turnaround (2 points col test)
Still working on new boots and a new glove…with a mysteeeerious function…
2018-01Jan-17 Getting all Fleischer
In general, the changes won’t be huge, I’m just making shapes a touch more geometric and adding some more old school cartoon influence.
2018-02Feb-03 Max Pose Concepts
You’ll never guess what Max’s new glove does!

In addition to lots of new design stuff, I’m also working getting the first story Have I got a Story for you, ready to print!

And the cover’s coming along nicely, just needs some style updates!

The plan is to have this ready for Anime Evolution: Akimatsuri on March 17th, and then a brand new update ready for later this month!

Stay tuned, folks, and thanks for your patience!