Site Updated!

Whew! It’s been about a weeklong process but I’ve finally largely spruced up the page! Here’s what I’ve done on the backend:

  1. Completely changed hosts! We’re now with Web Hosting Canada. They migrated all the blog posts as well.
  2. Updated the PHP so that the site would be more secure!
  3. This also called for a change of theme. At first I tried the ol’ ComicEasel/Comic Press combo but I found that it really wasn’t very mobile friendly or scaleable. I have now switched the theme to Toocheke, which is by and large more useful.
  4. Reuploaded all the comics so that you can easily move between them and save your spot, in accordance with the new Toocheke Companion plugin I’m now using.

Anyway, the site definitely looks a lot better, but there’s still quite a bit left to do:

  1. We’re having a fatal error come up that prevents the site from loading-and also periodically affects the back end of the admin. I suspect it has something to do with the file upload limit so I’ll be asking my webhost about it and trying various solutions to fix it in the coming week. It started happening after the PHP update so unfortunately there are multiple possible causes of the problem that we’ll need to look into.
  2. For some reason clicking the comic arrow causes the page to “double up” on whatever comic is clicked, I’d like to see if there’s some way to reduce that tendency.
  3. I’d like to upload a sweet background that helps with the comic’s sort of dieselpunky vibe. I just need to figure out the correct size for that and start illustrating!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us! I’m looking forward to resolving this stuff and finishing up my design stuff for the next chapter so I can finally get the next comic update up! Rest assured, it’ll be a doozy!

-Moses C

Tapas Inksgiving 2018!

Inkgiving Mini 2018 01Inkgiving Mini 2018 02Inkgiving Mini 2018 03Inkgiving Mini 2018 04Inkgiving Mini 2018 05Inkgiving Mini 2018 06Inkgiving Mini 2018 07Inkgiving Mini 2018 08 In honour of Inkgiving on Tapas, here’s a quick, informative mini comic! If you donate Ink anywhere here on Tapas between now and tomorrow, there is a chance you can get some of your ink back! Also, I am, as of now, an eligiable recipient, so if you like Ohmworld an ink donation and a good word would be really appreciated! Oh, and the next Ohmworld update is coming up tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

News: Complete Barrel Head WIP Edition available for Patrons!

Hey folks!  Sorry again for the slow update.  I’ve been to a couple of shows and I’ve also been helping some of my family members through some rough times.  Don’t worry, though, I’ve still been working on this comic, and with your help I can continue keeping on! This story we’re in right now-Beware the Barrel-Head, has now been fully pencilled! Ohmworld-BOOK-02 FULL FRONT COVER WIP ED smol On Patreon, I’ve uploaded a special WIP edition of it that’s exclusive to folks who throw in 5$ per month. For that, however, you actually get much more than this-I’ve been posting concept art, sketches, previous pencilled editions, and exclusive portfolios on Patreon for well over a year now-all of that can be yours, as well as new pencilled editions and concept art, because I post new things to Patreon all the time (though I try not to be too spoilerific). Engine Car Interior (colour) For instance, want to find out what’s keeping this engine car fire going?  For 5$ a month, you can find out-and you’ll find another mystery, one that’s at the centre of our next story! I don’t make this comic absolutely expecting Patreon support-I certainly hope for success but it’s not my sole mission here.  However, extra Patreon supporters would really go a long way right now and I’ve done my very best to make it worth your while.  I hope you’ll give that above link a click, or alternatively, tell your friends. Thanks again, everyone.  New update coming soon! -Mosobot64

Art Club: Ghost Train!

Hey folks! Thank you so much for your patience! I’m currently staggering inking this upcoming update with job hunting and designing locations and props for our next Ohmworld story, Spanish Train Magic! The next update will be done in probably a couple of weeks, meantime, enjoy this spooky ghost train! Cheers! -Mosobot64 PS: You can get more secret sketches and design work over at my Patreon!